May 31, 2009

Our Nuptial Mass 5-2-09

Once I walked into the church...everyone was all smiles. Including me! I had thought all throughout planning I would be nervous as hell moments before (and during) walking down the aisle. But surprisingly I wasn't! Not a single bit! I was just overly excited! I just couldn't wait to walk down the aisle and see Mike!

It was whirl of emotions walking down the aisle. I remember people talking to me..telling me how pretty I was. And I just remember smiling and looking at all the people. When I looked at Mike from what I could tell...he was smiling from ear to ear. But when I finally got up close...I soon found out he was all teary eyed! It was the cutest thing.

When we got to the alter..we quickly grabbed each others hands and just smiled at each other. I asked him what he thought of my dress and he told me he LOVED it. Which made me smile even more! He then told me I was the prettiest bride he has ever seen. Aww...I love him!

During our vows, I again wasn't nervous at all! I just kept thinking OMG we are almost married! I was smiling so much my cheeks were hurting...and Mike kept smiling back. We had some personal memorable moments. And it was perfect...and then we were married!

Unfortunately, I do not have very many pictures of the ceremony (until I get my digital proofs from the photographer) but here is what I have...Enjoy!

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brozek!

More to come soon!

May 30, 2009

Getting Ready 5-2-09

Ahh..the morning of the wedding. My first thoughts of waking up was....I'm tired! I am a horrible person to wake up in the one had to fight me. But boy was I tired! The first couple hours I lazed around...talking to all the girls, watching them get ready, eating breakfast and drinking coffee. It was awesome just to sit back and relax.

Here I am caught chillaxin..

Once it was my turn to get was all a blur. I got in the shower and the next thing I knew I was doing my makeup....while Bella (MOH) is taking pictures of me. Then it was time for my hair. The photog came...and I was in my dress. I tried hard to take everything in...and I did. But I will tell happened SO fast!

Ok..on with the pictures!

Now it was time to put on the dress....these are all amateur pictures. I promise to have pro-pix soon!

Here I am waiting to walk into church...while Bella is marking 'Just Married!' on the back of the car. I love this shot! (Thanks Ryan!)

May 29, 2009

Our Rehearsal 5-1-09

I'm sorry I teased you with those 2 fabulous pictures... but I just couldn't resist! Isn't the first one so cute?!!!

OK The day of our rehearsal I spent the day getting pampered with my friend/BM April and my Mom and sister/BM Michelle. We got mani/pedi's. It was so nice!

Then down to business.. when we got to the church it was a little over whelming. Lots of people were there...and I felt like it turned into chaos by the time we got into the church. I forgot to explain to the ushers their duties...and I messed up our bridal party line because too many people were talking to me. But I didn't even notice until our intro's at our reception...and by that time - I didn't care!

Enough rambling...Here are some pix...Enjoy!!

After dinner me and the girls (and my cousin Nate) went back to the hotel and hung out..till it was time to get some bridal beauty sleep!

Next up...Morning of-Getting Ready!

May 28, 2009

I'm a tease!

May 12, 2009


We did it! We are married!!!!

Our wedding was amazing. It was perfect..(well not perfect) but perfect in our eyes. There were a few minor issues that happened...but I didn't even care. We had so much fun!!

We just came back from our honeymoon and I don't have a lot of time to I'm going to leave you with our Shutterfly link. Feel free to look as much as you want....and if you are friends or family...PLEASE upload your pictures on to this site!!! So far, we have 158 pictures...