February 22, 2009

Crossing things off..

I got a lot done today..

Cleaned the entire house.

Worked out with my new DVD

And ordered the following:
Bridesmaids gifts
Flower girl/Ring Bearer gifts
Groomsmen/Usher gifts
Mother of the Bride/Mother of the Groom gifts
Favors + ribbon
Place cards

Spent a lot of money today! But I got a lot done!

I am still working on the Father gifts...but my Dad's will take some time. I'm planning on a photobook from Shutterfly. When I'm finished I will give you a sneak peak.

But I'm super glad I got a lot crossed off my list!

Grandpa's 80th Birthday

Febuary 13th was my Grandpa's 80th birthday...it is also my Grandma's birthday. They share the same day. Isn't that cute?

We celebrated my grandparent's birthdays along with my cousin Annie (bm) and her boyfriend Troy's.

Here are some random pix..

Everyone said I looked like I got into 'Monny's makeup'....that was when I really knew the makeup was bad!!

Busy weekend...

I got a lot done this weekend!

Saturday morning Bella and I went to my makeup trial at Studio 21. She did a great job-however, it just wasn't 'me'. The eyes were too dark. You should have seen Mike's face when I walked through the door. (It looked like he ate something terrible.) I knew it was bad...

Take a look..

The pictures don't show how dark the eyes really were. But I just didn't feel like myself-and Mike could barely look at me all day...Ha!

My girly Bella is going to help me with a trial of her own....I know it will turn out wonderful. I'm thinking more earthy tones...what do you think??

Next up birthday parties and wedding purchases!

February 19, 2009

T minus 2 weeks

My first fitting will be on March 11.

I haven't blogged much about my weight loss lately because I've just been uber busy. I've been getting lots done. Which is wonderful. But I've been slacking on my bloggy blog. Bad me!

I haven't done very good since my last weight loss post. Well, I haven't done horrible either-even with going out to a tapas restaurant last weekend...and eating endless amounts of bread-I've still managed to loose another 2 pounds. But my inches haven't changed much. My waist went down a half inch...that's all. But I guess I can't complain-I didn't gain!

For the next 2 weeks I'm going to do lots of cardio. The Shred isn't doing much anymore-I think my body has become use to it. So, I bought this.. Thanks for the tip Cyd!

I'm hoping this will help me shred a few more pounds before my fittings start-because once they start I have to maintain until after the wedding. And I definitely want to keep loosing after the wedding....

Being a girl also sucks-I hate being bloated. And I have been bloated for so long now!! I wish it would stop!

If I don't loose anymore weight-I will be happy either way. I have come a long way-and feel proud for what I have lost. But can't wait to continue my weight loss after the wedding.

Oh by the way...I only have 71 more days till the wedding!!!

February 17, 2009

Thank you for the day off..

Mr. Presidents!

Yesterday was President's Day-and I had the day off. (One of the perks for working for a school district)

And boy oh boy did I get a lot done!

Saturday was the day of my hair trial. Which is 2 posts below. Love it!! But I'm still trying to get use to these (short) bangs!

Saturday, Mike and I finished up our table numbers. It was one of those projects I could have done without-but they were worth every penny. I can show you a sneak peak but I can't give too much away---I want my guests to be surprised!

Hopefully our photographer gets some good detail shots of these babies!

Today I finished up all my invitation labels. Boy oh boy was that a doozy!! Yes, I took the cheaper way out and chose to use labels vs. a calligrapher. And I think they turned out so pretty! Because of my lack of knowledge of the new Microsoft Office...I had to type in each label...which took all day. But I can cross it off the list (FINALLY!). Yippee! Thank you Bella for all your help!! I'd be lost without you!!

Things left To Do:
Stuff/Seal/Stamp Invitations-mail March 2
Schedule 1st fitting-Week of March 9
Order favors
Complete DJ List and send final payment
Make up trial-Feb. 21 @ 9:30am
Order place cards
Meet with Organist-Feb. 28 @ 1pm
Start Programs
Ribbon bubbles
Meet with Aunts for Guestbook quilt squares
Finish Grandparent pictures
Pre-Cana-Mar. 14 @ 8am-5pm
Book accommodations for wedding night
Make Rehearsal Invitations

It's not too bad. I'm not stressing.

February 16, 2009

Mother of the Bride

Can I just say my Mom got the most awesome-est dress!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

She got it at Cache. I really love the color...swoon! However, she doesn't think the shoes match-but I do. What do you all think???

She is gonna be one HOT Mama!

We hung out this weekend and had a blast! We got to practice dancing for the big day! ha!

Love you Mom!

My trial hair

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I've been super busy....with babysitting, doing hair, dates with my mom...and having my hair done.

Yup, I had my trial hair done over the weekend!

I use to work with my friend Liz at our old salon, and I always told her I wanted her to do my wedding hair. And she use to tease that I'd be getting married first (she is 5 years older than me)....and sure enough- I AM!! And luckily we kept in touch all these years... and boy am I glad.

I LOVED my hair!!!

She used a combination of a waving iron and fat curling iron t0 give it more of a natural look to it. I wanted something natural and not so perfect looking-yet still looking like myself..

She also gave me a bang trim...I love how she cuts my bangs. But we cut them shorter-so they will be long enough to swoop over on the actual w-day. So, keep in mind the bangs will look different... And she will back comb it more-to give me more height. But you get the overall idea...

I'm sure you don't want to see every possible angle...but you're getting them anyway!

Please excuse how ugly I was this day-I didn't have much makeup on....

February 15, 2009

Ceremony: 1-31-09

Mr. and Mrs. McIntyre!

Up Next: Party time!

February 8, 2009

1-31-09: Pre-Ceremony

February 7, 2009

Day of: Bella getting ready

I was lucky enough to have a sleepover with the bride the night before her wedding. I was reluctant to get up-as I am truly not a morning person-but I got up and I was really excited for the day to begin. Bella was sooooo calm! She was such a wonderful bride!

Her she is relaxing on the couch with her morning coffee and painting her nails.

And here she is pre-makeup and hair. Isn't she just glowing?!!?!!

I wish I got more getting ready shot-but I was busy helping her get ready....I was privileged to do her hair.

More pix to come!

The McIntyre Rehearsal

Friday, January 30 was the Eve of Ryan and Bella's wedding. They were both so calm-but you could see the spark of anticipation in their eyes!!

Here are a few pictures of the rehearsal..


Isn't that a lovely bouquet?! Props to BM Katie and I for our fabulous detail work ;-)

I'm alive..

I've been a horrible blogger this week.

My apologies.

I've been super busy. Cleaning (which hasn't been done in a while), cat sitting (ha.), and most importantly-organizing my wedding plans. After sitting down this week (a few times) and putting together a calendar timeline of things to do. I've found out this is not going to be an easy month! My invitations go out March 1. And when I thought my guest list was finished...it's not (more on that in another post), our direction card must be done-but I'm still waiting on a vendor to give me specific details for our hotel, our DJ list (along with step by step introductions) is due March 1, I'm having trouble with my mail merge for my labels, and I've been to Michael's and Officemax a million times this week. There is just a cluster-*&%^ of things to be done this month-and you could say I'm slightly overwhelmed.

I was suppose to guest blog on a friend's blog-for a recap of her wedding...never got time to do it. I feel like a horrible friend. But I am going to start posting pictures today-on my blog. Hopefully, she will forgive me....when she sees I did this for her and her hubby.

Today my friend Devon and I went and bought our flower girl dress! Mahala didn't want to take it off! She was just the cutest thing....

February 6, 2009

Blogs I love

What? Another award?!! Wow, I feel so loved! I was nominated for this cute lemonade award from my friend Cyd at The Sweetest Occasion! And she is the sweetest! Thanks Cyd!

Here are the official rules of the game...

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great attitude and/or gratitude.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received the award.

Here we go-I nominate the following!

Blabber And Blunder
The Gagester
Project Subrosa
That Wife
Canadian Bride
M and M Wedding
Mischeif + Madness
The Two Skinny Bitches
The Sweet Wife

Happy Blogging!

Let's be honest

I have been tagged by the fabulous Canadian Bride to receive the Honest Scrap Award! To accept I have to tell you 10 random (honest) facts.
Here is goes..

1. I have never been on an airplane. And my first time on our honeymoon!
2. I ramble. A lot. Sometimes I just keep talking and talking-and I don't mean to-it's just me.
3. I have insulin resistance-so I can't have carbs or sugars. And am constantly battling with my weight. It's very annoying. But I'm almost to my goal!
4. My scared shitless that I won't be able to have a baby. I've never tried. But it's one of those things I realllllly want-and things never go the way I want them to go.
5. I have 2 cats named after vodka. Stoli and Demetri. We treat them like our babies-spoiled rotten!
6. I am the oldest of all my cousins and brothers and sisters-but still seem to get treated like I'm still 15. (Extremely annoying!)
7. I hate doing the dishes.
8. But I love to clean my house.
9. I love coffee and cigarettes. Gross combo-but I love it in the morning.
10. I'm a hair stylist.

I'm suppose to nominate some more blogs-but I don't want to duplicate anyone. SO-whoever wants to be tagged-tag yourself!! Have fun!