February 6, 2009

Let's be honest

I have been tagged by the fabulous Canadian Bride to receive the Honest Scrap Award! To accept I have to tell you 10 random (honest) facts.
Here is goes..

1. I have never been on an airplane. And my first time on our honeymoon!
2. I ramble. A lot. Sometimes I just keep talking and talking-and I don't mean to-it's just me.
3. I have insulin resistance-so I can't have carbs or sugars. And am constantly battling with my weight. It's very annoying. But I'm almost to my goal!
4. My scared shitless that I won't be able to have a baby. I've never tried. But it's one of those things I realllllly want-and things never go the way I want them to go.
5. I have 2 cats named after vodka. Stoli and Demetri. We treat them like our babies-spoiled rotten!
6. I am the oldest of all my cousins and brothers and sisters-but still seem to get treated like I'm still 15. (Extremely annoying!)
7. I hate doing the dishes.
8. But I love to clean my house.
9. I love coffee and cigarettes. Gross combo-but I love it in the morning.
10. I'm a hair stylist.

I'm suppose to nominate some more blogs-but I don't want to duplicate anyone. SO-whoever wants to be tagged-tag yourself!! Have fun!