February 7, 2009

I'm alive..

I've been a horrible blogger this week.

My apologies.

I've been super busy. Cleaning (which hasn't been done in a while), cat sitting (ha.), and most importantly-organizing my wedding plans. After sitting down this week (a few times) and putting together a calendar timeline of things to do. I've found out this is not going to be an easy month! My invitations go out March 1. And when I thought my guest list was finished...it's not (more on that in another post), our direction card must be done-but I'm still waiting on a vendor to give me specific details for our hotel, our DJ list (along with step by step introductions) is due March 1, I'm having trouble with my mail merge for my labels, and I've been to Michael's and Officemax a million times this week. There is just a cluster-*&%^ of things to be done this month-and you could say I'm slightly overwhelmed.

I was suppose to guest blog on a friend's blog-for a recap of her wedding...never got time to do it. I feel like a horrible friend. But I am going to start posting pictures today-on my blog. Hopefully, she will forgive me....when she sees I did this for her and her hubby.

Today my friend Devon and I went and bought our flower girl dress! Mahala didn't want to take it off! She was just the cutest thing....