June 29, 2008

It feels real now!

Saturday, Bella (my MOH), April (BM) and I went to House of Brides. We were in search for a bridesmaid dress and a wedding dress for me. I have to admit...I think they tried on more dresses than me!! We picked a dress we liked for them, but I hate the color green it comes in. So, I think I'm going to search for something else.

The bridesmaid dress.


Here is the green it comes in.
I was hoping for more of a olive green...something more earth toney.

What do you think?

There were 3 wedding dresses I really liked. But I can't post them! Don't want Mikey to see them! But I still have some more searching to do. I didn't feel like I LOVED any of them. I have my eye set one a particular one from Maggie Sottero but I need to find a store that carries it. I have to admit, nothing really felt real until I put on the first wedding dress. Something just clicked...and I was like WOW! This is really it! (I think thats why I really liked the first dress) Even after signing the reception contract, giving the deposit to the church and the florist....it wasn't until I put on the first dress that it felt REAL. And boy oh boy is it even MORE exciting now!!!!!!!!!!

I had so much fun with Bella and April! I am lucky to have such great friends. And I'm so honored to have them standing up with me at my wedding.

Thanks girls!

June 27, 2008

Artistic Talent.

Here are a couple of Mike's recent drawings. Take a look...they are awesome!

Our Security device

Here is one of Mike's collage of events...If you look in the bottom right corner, you will see Mike and I at the bar. This is the night we got engaged...and this is the first thing we did. We went to the Bally Muck and had a drink to celebrate! If you look at the picture of me holding onto Mike's name you can see the bling on my finger! Ha! The DJ is his Best Man Rob...and you will find Stoli and Dimitri in there too. This is one of my favorites!

New jobby job!

Mike got a new job this week! He will be making $5 more per hour than his current job PLUS commission! I am so happy for him and SO proud of him! He has been working at this dead beat company for 9 years and I'm so glad he is outta there! It's one thing that made me nervous when I thought about starting a family and stuff. I don't want to struggle too terribly. I mean I know everyone struggles, but I didn't want it to be horrible. But I think we will be able to keep everything afloat now!

YAY for Mike!

June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Pilgrim!

On Saturday, Mike and I and my Aunts threw my Dad a 50th birthday party! He is kinda shy (sometimes) and he was reluctant to let me throw a party for him, but he finally caved! And guess what?! He had a BLAST! People dropped off cards and presents (beer) to my house all last week. And almost our whole family showed up. We sat out in the backyard and talked and drank! We made my Dad a home made Chocolate Chocolate Cake..Mike did the honors of decorating it. HA!

My Dad didn't like it too much....he told Mike he was gonna kick his butt! We also made him a Apple pie from scratch.....all the desserts where gone 10 minutes after I brought them out. They all LOVED them! My Dad is a John Wayne fanatic.....hence the picture above. That was my Aunt Therese's idea. How cute are they together! I know my Dad had a great time and it really gave me the opportunity to show my appreciation to him. He is truly the best Dad. I don't know what I would do without him.

June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's day! My Dad is the best Dad anyone could ask for. He is always willing to help me out when I need a hand and he never judges me for things I do. He has been so great with all the wedding planning so far. He has ever so graciously offered to pay for pretty much everything. I must say I was a little nervous about where I was gonna have it and everything since I don't have a lot of money. I really didn't want to go to Vegas or have a hillbilly backyard wedding. I am so grateful for everything my Dad is doing for us. On our wedding day he isn't loosing a daughter...he is gaining a son.

Love you Dad!

June 13, 2008

October 24th!!

Me and April are going to see NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!!!!!! This girl rocked it out and got us 2 tickets!!!! I am so excited...I literally jumped around the house today singin..."Oh Oh Oh OH OH..the right stuff!!" Ha!!! I've been wanting to see these guys in concert since I was 7!!! You have NO idea how excited I am!

April you rock!!!!

June 12, 2008

Calling all photographers!!

So...I've got the church and the reception booked. Now what?!! here I'm thinking..I have time...plenty of time. Ha! Ya right! With all these graduation parties and birthday parties, I feel like time is flying by so fast! Ya..ya I know we haven't even been engaged for a month yet. But after this month of parties we will only have 10 months left! So, I've been trying to get the necessities done...like a DJ and a Florist and a PHOTOGRAPHER! Because without the photographer you have nothing.....all the cake will be eaten, the flowers will die, and the DJ will be just a memory...So in order to keep all those memories alive forever, generation to generation...you have to have a GREAT photographer.

I've been looking a lot lately...I have an appointment with Bella Pictures on Monday. But after I made the appointment I started reading reviews and what not. And now I'm worried...it's a franchise. And lots of people say you don't even meet with your photographer until 2 weeks befoer the wedding...And lots of mixed (mostly negative) reviews. So..WHY pay all that money for just a HUGE headache!??? I have been looking all night and I found Essence Photography. They were voted #1 by theknot.com in the chicagoland area!!!!!! And let me just say my breath was taken away. Not only did I see some amazing photos but the prices aren't that shabby either (compared to some I've seen!). I also found MY bouquet! Look at the bride with the white bouquet filled with lilies, roses, calla lilies....you can't miss it. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! This is what I want mine to look like. To me I feel like it was a sign, that they should be my photographer.....Call me crazy....call me whatever! But I love them!!!

I'm going to try and set up an appointment really soon. They are located in Schaumburg...it will be a bit of a hike, but I think its well worth it! Keep your fingers crossed that it goes well!

So..anyone know of a good DJ? One that isn't cheesy???? I HATE cheesy DJ's especially since he will be like the 'master of ceremonies' at the reception...I don't want some shmoe!

June 11, 2008

My Favorite room!

I am participating a 'favorite room' in your house post on Kelly's Korner blog. You can check her's out here.

My favorite room is our living room. We hang out here 90% of the time, we watch TV..movies and just spend time with each other. We have had some great times in this room....I have gotten to decorate it how I want it...thanks to Mike and my Dad . When we moved in I picked the colors for the walls. And painted everything myself. And the clock is my favorite thing in the whole room! There are some things I'd like to change and make different...but decorating is very expensive and I am going to save that for when I buy my own house. My second favorite room is the kitchen. We cook every day in our kitchen...but I will save that for another post.

(can you see the cat toys laying around?!!!)

(If you look in the hallway..you can see my Grandma's old antique mirror. This is also one of my favorite pieces in my house)

The furniture we have is the first furniture we can say is ours...we purchased it brand new at our 1st apartment. I still love it to pieces. The end tables are a little beat up from the couple moves we made...But the memories will last forever.

I searched and searched for a old antique BIG clock for months. And Mike found this one for me. Isn't it so awesome! He sometimes can't read it though! Ha!

The buffet we have is from my Great Aunt Adeline. She died a couple years ago and I was lucky enough to inherit this fine piece of hers. I love it. I love collecting items and putting them on this thing.

Here are some pictures I've hung up also. They are filled with the people I love the most....so I can see them every day! I had to share them!

I love our house. It may be small and may not be in the best town...but its what Mike and I call home. My Dad is letting us rent out this house until we are ready to buy our own house. We have another 3 years in this house.....perfect timing to get married in May 2009 and have a baby...and move into our new home, where our baby can go to a good school.

Hope you enjoyed my favorite room! What is YOUR favorite room?!

Pretty pretty roses!!

They have bloomed!!!!!! Thought I would share...Aren't they SOOO pretty?!

(The Rose bush Mike and I planted)

(Rose bush my Great Grandma planted 30+ years ago..)

(Our mini Roses)

June 8, 2008

The Graduate

My sister Michelle graduated High School recently...and my Mom had a party for her this Saturday. She is very camera shy...so this is the best one I got! I have no idea why..she is beautiful. The party started out a little boring...but it grew on me. My Aunts (my Mom's sisters are nuts!) they were sorta the entertainment of the evening! Ha ha! They may say somethings that hurt your feelings, but they are never meant to. And they may be nuts, but they care a lot about their nieces and nephews...and it shows (sometimes....j/k!). It was a fun party.....and later Michelle's friends came over....at that point Mike and I were ready to go home and CRASH! It was a long day.

Michelle and Mike (my brother) found out yesterdaythey were going to be standing up in our wedding....they are so excited!

New phone!

Friday I splurged and got a new phone. My phone hasn't been holding a charge for more than half the day...and I'm the QUEEN of texting..or checking email/myspace on my phone. I think I have an addiction problem actually. And my phone is almost 2 years old. I was up for an upgrade...only $99. I wanted the Samsung Glyde..but the guy said the touch screens have a 60/40 return rate. That surprised me since I had a LG Chocolate for 2 years...and haven't had problems. So...he talked me into the NEW LG eV2. I LOVE IT!!!! I can't stop playing with it! And text friendly and web friendly too! I can even blog on it now! Yippee! Now I have no excuse to post blogs!

I do have a confession to make. I'm a softy to new toys. I don't always wait for things to go on sale...or waiting until I NEED something. I usually don't have a phone for more than 6 months because I'm always wanting whats new and the best...But since I've moved out of the house and been on my own...I've gotten a lot better. I think I get this little flaw from my Dad. If you go to his house he has every gaming unit available. PS3, XBox, XBox 3....Blue-Ray disk player, 61' LCD flat screen TV (I COULD keep going..) but the difference between me and my Dad...is HE has the money. I don't. Well, I do..BUT I need to be saving up to buy my own house. I only have 3 more years here. But a girl needs to feel happy once in a while...and shopping and buy new shiny toys (or clothes) makes me HAPPY!

June 7, 2008

So true!

Thought this was too cute! And SO TRUE!

We signed our contract!

Inside the reception area (the right side)

(looking out the window of the reception hall)

(main entrance-side view)

(walking out of the bridal suite)

Last Wednesday, My Dad and Aunt Therese and I went and visited the Country Squire..and met with my wedding coordinator Michael. He showed us around the place and told us how everything was going to go the day of our wedding. I took lots of pictures to show you..and Mike since he was working late. I'm in love with this place! It is so old fashion yet so elegant!

May 2, 2009
Wedding Ceremony 2:00pm
Cocktail hour is 5:30-6:30pm
Toasts 6:30-7pm
Dinner/Cake/First dances 7-8:30pm
Party time! 8:30-12am

The Courtyard...

This is all so exciting! Next step is to find my bridesmaid's a dress! And the me a dress!

We decided on going with Konradt's Florist. I worked with Natalia (the owner) at GC Salon for 3 years, and now I have the privilege to be working with their daughter Natalia. They are the sweetest family ever. I can't wait to meet with them and talk flowers!

I'll keep you posted as more details form!