June 8, 2008

The Graduate

My sister Michelle graduated High School recently...and my Mom had a party for her this Saturday. She is very camera shy...so this is the best one I got! I have no idea why..she is beautiful. The party started out a little boring...but it grew on me. My Aunts (my Mom's sisters are nuts!) they were sorta the entertainment of the evening! Ha ha! They may say somethings that hurt your feelings, but they are never meant to. And they may be nuts, but they care a lot about their nieces and nephews...and it shows (sometimes....j/k!). It was a fun party.....and later Michelle's friends came over....at that point Mike and I were ready to go home and CRASH! It was a long day.

Michelle and Mike (my brother) found out yesterdaythey were going to be standing up in our wedding....they are so excited!