June 11, 2008

My Favorite room!

I am participating a 'favorite room' in your house post on Kelly's Korner blog. You can check her's out here.

My favorite room is our living room. We hang out here 90% of the time, we watch TV..movies and just spend time with each other. We have had some great times in this room....I have gotten to decorate it how I want it...thanks to Mike and my Dad . When we moved in I picked the colors for the walls. And painted everything myself. And the clock is my favorite thing in the whole room! There are some things I'd like to change and make different...but decorating is very expensive and I am going to save that for when I buy my own house. My second favorite room is the kitchen. We cook every day in our kitchen...but I will save that for another post.

(can you see the cat toys laying around?!!!)

(If you look in the hallway..you can see my Grandma's old antique mirror. This is also one of my favorite pieces in my house)

The furniture we have is the first furniture we can say is ours...we purchased it brand new at our 1st apartment. I still love it to pieces. The end tables are a little beat up from the couple moves we made...But the memories will last forever.

I searched and searched for a old antique BIG clock for months. And Mike found this one for me. Isn't it so awesome! He sometimes can't read it though! Ha!

The buffet we have is from my Great Aunt Adeline. She died a couple years ago and I was lucky enough to inherit this fine piece of hers. I love it. I love collecting items and putting them on this thing.

Here are some pictures I've hung up also. They are filled with the people I love the most....so I can see them every day! I had to share them!

I love our house. It may be small and may not be in the best town...but its what Mike and I call home. My Dad is letting us rent out this house until we are ready to buy our own house. We have another 3 years in this house.....perfect timing to get married in May 2009 and have a baby...and move into our new home, where our baby can go to a good school.

Hope you enjoyed my favorite room! What is YOUR favorite room?!