June 29, 2008

It feels real now!

Saturday, Bella (my MOH), April (BM) and I went to House of Brides. We were in search for a bridesmaid dress and a wedding dress for me. I have to admit...I think they tried on more dresses than me!! We picked a dress we liked for them, but I hate the color green it comes in. So, I think I'm going to search for something else.

The bridesmaid dress.


Here is the green it comes in.
I was hoping for more of a olive green...something more earth toney.

What do you think?

There were 3 wedding dresses I really liked. But I can't post them! Don't want Mikey to see them! But I still have some more searching to do. I didn't feel like I LOVED any of them. I have my eye set one a particular one from Maggie Sottero but I need to find a store that carries it. I have to admit, nothing really felt real until I put on the first wedding dress. Something just clicked...and I was like WOW! This is really it! (I think thats why I really liked the first dress) Even after signing the reception contract, giving the deposit to the church and the florist....it wasn't until I put on the first dress that it felt REAL. And boy oh boy is it even MORE exciting now!!!!!!!!!!

I had so much fun with Bella and April! I am lucky to have such great friends. And I'm so honored to have them standing up with me at my wedding.

Thanks girls!


Bella said...

It was a fun day! I am honored to be standing up on your special day. Don't stress though, we will find the perfect dresses for both you and the girls!