June 8, 2008

New phone!

Friday I splurged and got a new phone. My phone hasn't been holding a charge for more than half the day...and I'm the QUEEN of texting..or checking email/myspace on my phone. I think I have an addiction problem actually. And my phone is almost 2 years old. I was up for an upgrade...only $99. I wanted the Samsung Glyde..but the guy said the touch screens have a 60/40 return rate. That surprised me since I had a LG Chocolate for 2 years...and haven't had problems. So...he talked me into the NEW LG eV2. I LOVE IT!!!! I can't stop playing with it! And text friendly and web friendly too! I can even blog on it now! Yippee! Now I have no excuse to post blogs!

I do have a confession to make. I'm a softy to new toys. I don't always wait for things to go on sale...or waiting until I NEED something. I usually don't have a phone for more than 6 months because I'm always wanting whats new and the best...But since I've moved out of the house and been on my own...I've gotten a lot better. I think I get this little flaw from my Dad. If you go to his house he has every gaming unit available. PS3, XBox, XBox 3....Blue-Ray disk player, 61' LCD flat screen TV (I COULD keep going..) but the difference between me and my Dad...is HE has the money. I don't. Well, I do..BUT I need to be saving up to buy my own house. I only have 3 more years here. But a girl needs to feel happy once in a while...and shopping and buy new shiny toys (or clothes) makes me HAPPY!