June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Pilgrim!

On Saturday, Mike and I and my Aunts threw my Dad a 50th birthday party! He is kinda shy (sometimes) and he was reluctant to let me throw a party for him, but he finally caved! And guess what?! He had a BLAST! People dropped off cards and presents (beer) to my house all last week. And almost our whole family showed up. We sat out in the backyard and talked and drank! We made my Dad a home made Chocolate Chocolate Cake..Mike did the honors of decorating it. HA!

My Dad didn't like it too much....he told Mike he was gonna kick his butt! We also made him a Apple pie from scratch.....all the desserts where gone 10 minutes after I brought them out. They all LOVED them! My Dad is a John Wayne fanatic.....hence the picture above. That was my Aunt Therese's idea. How cute are they together! I know my Dad had a great time and it really gave me the opportunity to show my appreciation to him. He is truly the best Dad. I don't know what I would do without him.