September 30, 2008

{long}Before we met....

I have this fetish. Baby pictures. Old pictures. Vintage pictures. They are pieces of memories frozen. They fascinate me. I could look at pictures all day long...I don't even have to know them. (Which reminds me I need a new camera)

Here are a few pictures of Mike and I in our baby years....

Mike was born in 1977 in Hawaii. He has 2 older brothers Anthony and Jeff.

Mikey's 1st Christmas. (He is in the middle)

Mikey's 2nd Christmas. (He is on the right)-Mama B liked bath pics, eh?!

Mike is on the left....he says he was always an 'outsider' (aka the baby)

I was born in 1982. I was an only child for a long time...I have a younger brother (Mike) and sister (Michelle) now.

My 1st Christmas with Mommy and Daddy.

My 1st birthday...I loved this horse! (I think we still have it!)

Me (age 2) and my Busia (Great-Grandma in Polish) -I miss you Busia....

Weren't we so cute!?! (and innocent!)

I can't wait to take pics of our babies. (Hopefully I will have a new camera by then)

September 29, 2008

I heart them

***Note to self: start tanning. yuck.

These are my God-kids :) Mahala and Connor. They visited over the weekend..and I had SO much fun with them! I missed them so much!

Mahala is my Flower girl :)

New dress

I bought a dress over the weekend....for my FBIL and SIL's wedding. It's plain..and simple. What do you think? I was planning on wearing a cute necklace and some black shoes (obviously). But then I thought...wouldn't it be cute with some black spandex capris?? Or would that be more for the office..??

Sorry no pictures of me in it.....It was much easier to just take the pic on the hanger.

Honest opinions please???

September 28, 2008

Made of Honor

Have any of you seen this movie!?? If SHOULD!!!! It was the cutest movie!! I absolutely LOVED it! I also cried a few times...I got so wrapped up in the story! By the way..I LOVE me some Patrick Dempsey! He is an amazing actor...and he is simply HOT!

I just melt when I see him!

I have a thing for dark hair and blue you can tell........

Rent Made Of Honor! You will LOVE it! Here is a trailer for of my favorite parts is when Patrick Dempsey and his buddies are putting together party baskets! Too funny!

September 24, 2008

List of Favs {about my boy}

As stated in a previous boy and I have been collecting little notes to why we love each other.

Here is what our glass bowl looks like now.

(sorry for the blurry cam pic)

I have put together 10 favorite things about Mikey..and I want to share them with you!

  1. I love how he treats our cats like our kids. He is so loving to them...sometimes I wonder if he thinks they are human. It's SO cute!
  2. I love how I don't have to tell him there is something wrong. He just knows. And he does everything in his power to make me smile and feel better.
  3. I love that he has been involved in all the wedding planning. And surprisingly...we have been agreeing on everything! And it's SO cute to watch him get so excited!
  4. I love how he ALWAYS does the dishes :) And always helps me clean without complaining.
  5. I love how he is with the 2 little boys we babysit. He is so great with them. I love to just watch them play. It gives me little tingles in my tummy. And the boys ask about us all the time (but they mostly ask for HIM!..what can I say...I don't know how to build a train track!)
  6. I love how well we are dancing together in our dance classes. It was a bit tricky at first...but now we are on the same page....and it's amazing! I can't tell you how much fun it is!
  7. I love it when we are on a bike ride and he trails behind me to let me know when I can cross the street or not. He is so protective! It's good because it would suck if I got ran over!
  8. I love how he loves me for me. Even though I'm on this mission to loose weight...he loves me the way I am and says I don't need to loose weight. It's so refreshing to know sometimes. And it's nice that he TRIES to follow the diet with me. We work great as a team.
  9. I love how he sides with me...when family members (or friends...rarely) piss me off or hurt me. He is always there to back me up and make me feel better.
  10. I love how we both feel a part of each others families already..without being married yet. We both have such great families....We are so lucky to be joining them.

What are favorite things about your honey??

***Maybe I will get him to make a guest appearance to tell you what he loves about me!

Bee TV

Last night was my 1st time watching Bee TV. Miss Avocado Or That Bride was broadcasting live! I have been following both of her blogs...and it was so fun to chat with her live! There were other bees in the room too...Candy Corn, Dumpling, Fondue, Pomegranate and some others. Mamacado was also on sharing some photography tips too. It was fun to listen to different wedding stories and other wedding tips/advice. We also got to see Miss Avo in a few wedding dresses! You should really check out Bee TV! It was so much fun!

I used the name Miss Yogurt. I wasn't sure what 'guest' name to go with. But Mike reminded me of the nickname yogurt I inherited......One night (while a bunch of friends and us were drinking...heavily.) Mike was trying to get my attention and he got Yenny and some other word (not sure what) mixed up and called me Yogurt! It has stuck ever since. I don't even like yogurt!

Some of you might be wondering why I'm also called Yenny. It all started at a salon I use to work at..there was a stylist there who had a strong acent and could not pronouce J' she called me Yenny. And then it caused a domino effect...everyone started calling me Yenny. Even 4 years later (after leaving the salon) everyone STILL calls me Yenny. I don't mind it at all, in fact I like it..I think it's cute!

I am home sick today. I'm feeling a bit woozy...and blah.

Hope everyone else is having a great day!

September 23, 2008

Week 4: weigh in

I'm down 11 pounds total!! And down a pants size! It's been coming off slower than usual. But I will count that as a good hopefully it STAYS off!

Mike and I have been bike riding everyday and trying to practice dancing everyday too. We are getting really good! It is so much fun to twirl around! So far, we have learned the waltz, the cha cha, swing, menergue, salsa and the fox trot.

Which one do you think is our favorite???

We registered....again!

I've been slacking lately! Sorry to those who read my blog!

Saturday we registered (again) at Target! It was MUCH MUCH faster at Target. We entered our info into a computer and they gave us a gun..and we were on our way! It was a lot of fun!

So..we are done! Woo Hoo!

We are registered at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Saturday night we decided to go out for a couple drinks...after a long bike ride and a session of swing dancing. Our Best Man, Rob came out to join us. We all had SO much fun! I guess at one point Mike put a Benny Goodman song on in the Juke Box and we were swing dancing in the bar!!! OMG! (I'm glad I don't really remember it!) It was nice to see Rob, we don't see him that often.

Sunday was a day of recuperating. We hardly ever drink we were a bit hungover. YUCK. It was a good reminder WHY we don't drink anymore!

All in all it was a great weekend!

September 15, 2008


I wasn't really tagged..But I read Bella's blog which tags you if you read it. So, if you are reading mine....YOU are tagged too!

3 Joys:

  1. Waking up in the morning to my fiance Mikey cuddling me. I never want to get outta bed. And I can't wait till our wedding day!
  2. Getting home from work and my 2 kitties welcoming me by the door.
  3. My Dad. I don't know what I would do without him. He is the greatest..I am so very lucky to have such a great Dad.
  1. Not being able to have children. I've had some medical issues in the last few years...and my worst fear is that the doctor will tell me I cannot have children. I want a baby more than anything in the world (well..besides marrying my boy)
  2. Dying. I am deathly afraid of dying. I have this fear that my purgatory will be me lying there in my casket without being able to move...and laying there for all of eternity.
  3. Loosing my Dad. I know it will happen one day...but I never want to loose him. I will go absolutely crazy.
  1. Loosing weight and getting healthy. The healthier I am...the better my pregnancy will be. (hint..hint)
  2. Becoming a great dancer.
  3. Be a wonderful Mom.

  1. Checking my email. I think it's become a little obsessive compulsive.
  2. Buying purses. I have over 100 in my house...they are overflowing in boxes and my closets.
  3. Drinking caffeine. I need coffee or redbull in the morning to function.
  1. I love to babysit. And I love kids. If I could be a Nanny..I would.
  2. I recently learned how to dance (the cha cha, the waltz, merengue, and swing)...and I'm GOOD at it!
  3. I love old time movies. And everything old/antique. I have this facisnation with old pictures, jewelery, and shoes. I think I was a 50's girl in another life.... (I even was a 50's girl with a poodle skirt 3 Halloweens in a row when I was a kid!)

September 14, 2008

Can I take the lead?

We had session 2 of our dance lessons on Friday. We learned 2 new dances! So, in total we have learned Swing, Merengue, Waltz and the Cha Cha! And I have to admit we are fast learners! I was weary that we wouldn't pick it up...but we have! And we absolutely love it! I think it's going to 1 of our new hobbies.

But there is 1 problem. Mike is not a good 'leader'. Or maybe I'm just controling and I feel the need to take charge. I find myself constantly taking the lead. There a lot of different moves with each dance..and I have to let Mike move the move first. But he gets to mad when I try and make the move first. He always says "Who is leading?! Me or You!". Our dance instructor said this is a big challenge for all beginners, so I guess I don't feel that bad. But it does get irritating for both of us. I have to let Mike lead me. But he also has to learn how to lead....he doesn't give me enough of a push to let me know when he wants to spin me..or move me to the right. This is all a learning experience so we will start practicing and get it right!

This is also a good experience to have with your partner.
You will literally connect as a couple building phyiscal skills and nonverbal communication skills. Even though we are having some issues with leading, it is a great challenge to take on because we will become even closer than we already are. We are really excited to keep going!

We have learned these basic steps.....Hopefully we can get THIS good!

Week 3: weigh in

I'm down a total of 8 pounds. I haven't made a huge change...but I'm dropping inches! Which is WAY better. I'm down a pant size...Woo Hoo!

We have been working out 6 days a week. Mostly bike riding..but dancing too! Dance class is a great use a lot of muscles you don't normally use. I think it's becoming my new hobby!

We've had a really gloomy's movie day. It feels so good to be lazy and watch movies on a rainy day!

September 10, 2008

We registered!

We have been thinking about what to register for...for a couple months now. We basically have everything we need. However, most of it is hand-me-downs. And it's really important to us to start our life together...with our own stuff. Stuff that suits us. So, we decided to go with the essentials. You're typical registry items. Plates, pots and pans, silverware..etc. We registered at Bed Bath and Beyond. We will also start a registry at Target (soon) for more FUN things!

When we arrived at BBB we were greeted right away with a Bridal Consultant. She was great! She asked us how many people were attending the we knew how many items to register for. And gave us a Fine China 'show'. No it was literally a show. She was banging the plates around like crazy. At one point it actually scared me, and thought maybe I should put my sunglasses on-just in case a shattered plate were to come my way! I did NOT know how shatter-resistant Fine China was! But I didn't want china. I will NEVER have a use for it. But I let her show me all about them. Gathering the details lasted about 15 minutes and then she handed us an gun and we were on our way!

(sorry no pics of me...I totally forgot!)

....5 hours later...we were tired and crabby..and ready to go home!!! But it was so much fun! We were like little kids in a candy store. We spent FOREVER in the kitchen area. We love to plates, and pots and pans we VERY important to us! Haha! Can't you tell I'm a good cook?! Look at the little belly Mike's got? (Aw, I think it's cute!)

If you go to and type in my name or Mike's name you can view our registry.

We plan to register at Target sometime in the near future.

More details then!

Got socks?

I have no white socks in my sock drawer. Not a single pair.

I go for the argyle...Or the stripes..or even the cat and monkey socks. I will wear just about any sock if I think it's cute. That was one thing that made Mike smile the first winter we spent together. He always checked out what socks I was wearing! I've had this sock fetish since I was Grandma still buys me funky socks for Christmas!

So, since your wedding is suppose to reflect upon you. I have decided to have all the boys wear argyle socks! Mike is ALL for the idea! And I love it! I have seen pictures where grooms are doing this and I just think it's the cutest thing!

I just LOVE this picture!

(Source: PolkaDotBride)

Get over it

I'm currently fed up with everyone complaining and whining. Why is that no one can own up to their mistakes? And accept them as a learning experience. Why do people get enjoyment out of putting people down and hurting their feelings? And why do people feel the need to instigate shit when it's not their place to get involved in the first place? Why must adults act as if they are still in high school? Are they that bored? Do they wish to be young again..?

Seriously people. Get a fucking life.

I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. Pretty big ones too. But I accept them...and have learned from them. The last couple years I have grown up a lot. I've had to make huge decisions that would affect the rest of my life. I also did a few horrible things. So, what. I've acknowledged that they were mistakes and learned from them. And got OVER it!

The fact is I'm more hurt than I am mad. I didn't air anyones dirty laundry. I didn't publicly degrade anyone. I simply was speaking of my childhood experiences. And how they affected me. And how I personally see marriage. The only people that might be embarrassed is my Dad's side of the family. But again, it was all the truth...and like I said everyone makes mistakes. It's about accepting them...owning up to them...learning from them...and moving on. (I'm referring to this post.)

It hurts when the people you love the most tell you that they don't want to go to your wedding. All I can do is hope they come...and everyone has a good time WITHOUT drama. And if they don't show up..I will find out if they really love me or not. Because those who don't love me...don't deserve to be apart of my life.

September 8, 2008

Shoe [porn]!

I L.O.V.E. these shoes. I can't figure out how to save the image..and post it. (sorry!!)

And I love these... A little different. But I love the vintage rhinestones on both...

I've been browsing for shoes to go with my dress. And since my dress is kinda vintage-y..I wanted to find vintage-y shoes. I just love everything about that shoe.

However...My Aunt has offered to let me wear her rhinestone shoe clips. It could be used as my something old or something borrowed. But if I use the clips...then I would need to find shoes more like this..

Then I was thinking of going with olive green shoes to match my girls.....I've seen this new trend and I think it's uber cute! I found these cute vintage numbers...

Not sure what to do...

Does anyone have any suggestions??!!!

September 6, 2008

Our Wedding website

We have finished our Wedding website...and it is now ready for viewing! Please take a look!
Click HERE!!

We also registered will be able to see our registry on our website. It's not finished yet. (I'm saving that for another post!)

Please remember to sign the Guest Book!!!

this white girl dance dance!

Last night was day 1 of dance lessons. I will admit I was a bit nervous. Mike has a lot of experience dancing..and I don't. So, I assumed that it would take me a long time to catch on. HOWEVER...I rocked it out!!!! I caught on VERY fast! It was Mike who was having a hard time. He just couldn't get the steps right. Poor thing! I felt so bad for him. But by the end of class he was doing a lot better. But we have lots of practice to do!

My Aunt Therese (my 'Fairy God-Mother) and Uncle Steve (her husband) joined with us. I was afraid they were going to cancel the I was trying to find people to join. And my Fairy God-Mother came to my rescue! How lucky am I! Also, our dance instructor is the cutest thing! She is older...I mean older. She is probably in her late 60's, but damn that woman can shake her hips! She is so sweet and such a good teacher! She was using me as an example to help Mike..and my Aunt catch on. (Yes..I was that good!) She reminded me of one of the cast member from Mary Tyler Moore!

You really don't realize how many muscles you use when you're dancing! Everyone was so sore by the end of the class! I wasn't sore at all, but I've always had especially strong leg muscles. (Not sure why..) But I'm so excited to also loose (more) weight..throughout this dance class!

The dance class is only for a month. But there are 2 different classes....and Miss. Jan (our instructor) invited us to join both! And they restart and continue until November. You bet your bottom dollar we are going to keep going! It's so much fun! We all had a blast. Sorry no pictures!!! Maybe next time I will bring my camera

After class we all went out for some drinks....we had so much fun! It's nice to share this experience with loved ones!

I can't wait till next Friday!

September 3, 2008

Bridesmaid dresses ordered {Check!!}

All of my 'maids have fully paid for the dresses...(I thought this was going to be a dreadful task..but it worked out surprising well.) YAY!

I got a phone call from Demetrios today...And the expected ship date is Oct 17th. But will arrive no later than late November! Woo hoo! They originally told me they would arrive at the end of January along with my dress. But since the girls were timely..they were able to get them in much sooner! Hooray! This is such exciting news for me because I still haven't seen the dress (in Sage) in person yet. And I need to see it to make appropriate accessory purchases!

I have to thank all my girls for being so patient with me. All this wedding stuff is so new and overwhelming sometimes. And when the sales lady starts telling me about they take 6-8 months to order, they have to be order all at the same time to ensure they are all the same exact color, and they need to be paid for asap or the prices might go up. It was almost too much to handle! So.... thank you girls! I love you!

Now here is a cute little video...

September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

It's been a nice 3 day weekend. It was very low key. We did a lot of babysitting and lots of dogsitting. But both of those chores are very relaxing to me. There is nothing like rocking a baby to sleep and feeling them hug you until they fall asleep. (I seriously can't wait until I can rock my baby to sleep.) And dogsitting is just great easy money. I'll take $75 a day....yes thank you!

We also rented some movies....The Bank Job and What happens in Vegas. Both really good movies!

We went on a few bike rides. Cleaned the house... And baked brownies for my brother. (His birthday is September 4th) We delivered them today along with a bottle of Orange Grey Goose. I love my brother...I can't believe he is 17 already! I'm getting old!

All in all, it was a good weekend. Relaxing...and drama-free!

Happy Labor Day! Hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend!

Ugh...back to work tomorrow..

Dance Class!!

We enrolled in a dance class at our local park district! We start Friday. I'm sooo excited! It will be another form of exercise and something fun to do as a couple. It will also relieve some stress. I'll keep you posted as to how it turns out....

We are hoping to try out for America's Best Dance crew.....HA!!! (ya right!)