September 30, 2008

{long}Before we met....

I have this fetish. Baby pictures. Old pictures. Vintage pictures. They are pieces of memories frozen. They fascinate me. I could look at pictures all day long...I don't even have to know them. (Which reminds me I need a new camera)

Here are a few pictures of Mike and I in our baby years....

Mike was born in 1977 in Hawaii. He has 2 older brothers Anthony and Jeff.

Mikey's 1st Christmas. (He is in the middle)

Mikey's 2nd Christmas. (He is on the right)-Mama B liked bath pics, eh?!

Mike is on the left....he says he was always an 'outsider' (aka the baby)

I was born in 1982. I was an only child for a long time...I have a younger brother (Mike) and sister (Michelle) now.

My 1st Christmas with Mommy and Daddy.

My 1st birthday...I loved this horse! (I think we still have it!)

Me (age 2) and my Busia (Great-Grandma in Polish) -I miss you Busia....

Weren't we so cute!?! (and innocent!)

I can't wait to take pics of our babies. (Hopefully I will have a new camera by then)