September 14, 2008

Can I take the lead?

We had session 2 of our dance lessons on Friday. We learned 2 new dances! So, in total we have learned Swing, Merengue, Waltz and the Cha Cha! And I have to admit we are fast learners! I was weary that we wouldn't pick it up...but we have! And we absolutely love it! I think it's going to 1 of our new hobbies.

But there is 1 problem. Mike is not a good 'leader'. Or maybe I'm just controling and I feel the need to take charge. I find myself constantly taking the lead. There a lot of different moves with each dance..and I have to let Mike move the move first. But he gets to mad when I try and make the move first. He always says "Who is leading?! Me or You!". Our dance instructor said this is a big challenge for all beginners, so I guess I don't feel that bad. But it does get irritating for both of us. I have to let Mike lead me. But he also has to learn how to lead....he doesn't give me enough of a push to let me know when he wants to spin me..or move me to the right. This is all a learning experience so we will start practicing and get it right!

This is also a good experience to have with your partner.
You will literally connect as a couple building phyiscal skills and nonverbal communication skills. Even though we are having some issues with leading, it is a great challenge to take on because we will become even closer than we already are. We are really excited to keep going!

We have learned these basic steps.....Hopefully we can get THIS good!