September 10, 2008

Get over it

I'm currently fed up with everyone complaining and whining. Why is that no one can own up to their mistakes? And accept them as a learning experience. Why do people get enjoyment out of putting people down and hurting their feelings? And why do people feel the need to instigate shit when it's not their place to get involved in the first place? Why must adults act as if they are still in high school? Are they that bored? Do they wish to be young again..?

Seriously people. Get a fucking life.

I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. Pretty big ones too. But I accept them...and have learned from them. The last couple years I have grown up a lot. I've had to make huge decisions that would affect the rest of my life. I also did a few horrible things. So, what. I've acknowledged that they were mistakes and learned from them. And got OVER it!

The fact is I'm more hurt than I am mad. I didn't air anyones dirty laundry. I didn't publicly degrade anyone. I simply was speaking of my childhood experiences. And how they affected me. And how I personally see marriage. The only people that might be embarrassed is my Dad's side of the family. But again, it was all the truth...and like I said everyone makes mistakes. It's about accepting them...owning up to them...learning from them...and moving on. (I'm referring to this post.)

It hurts when the people you love the most tell you that they don't want to go to your wedding. All I can do is hope they come...and everyone has a good time WITHOUT drama. And if they don't show up..I will find out if they really love me or not. Because those who don't love me...don't deserve to be apart of my life.