September 6, 2008

this white girl dance dance!

Last night was day 1 of dance lessons. I will admit I was a bit nervous. Mike has a lot of experience dancing..and I don't. So, I assumed that it would take me a long time to catch on. HOWEVER...I rocked it out!!!! I caught on VERY fast! It was Mike who was having a hard time. He just couldn't get the steps right. Poor thing! I felt so bad for him. But by the end of class he was doing a lot better. But we have lots of practice to do!

My Aunt Therese (my 'Fairy God-Mother) and Uncle Steve (her husband) joined with us. I was afraid they were going to cancel the I was trying to find people to join. And my Fairy God-Mother came to my rescue! How lucky am I! Also, our dance instructor is the cutest thing! She is older...I mean older. She is probably in her late 60's, but damn that woman can shake her hips! She is so sweet and such a good teacher! She was using me as an example to help Mike..and my Aunt catch on. (Yes..I was that good!) She reminded me of one of the cast member from Mary Tyler Moore!

You really don't realize how many muscles you use when you're dancing! Everyone was so sore by the end of the class! I wasn't sore at all, but I've always had especially strong leg muscles. (Not sure why..) But I'm so excited to also loose (more) weight..throughout this dance class!

The dance class is only for a month. But there are 2 different classes....and Miss. Jan (our instructor) invited us to join both! And they restart and continue until November. You bet your bottom dollar we are going to keep going! It's so much fun! We all had a blast. Sorry no pictures!!! Maybe next time I will bring my camera

After class we all went out for some drinks....we had so much fun! It's nice to share this experience with loved ones!

I can't wait till next Friday!


Bella said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun, I wish we could do it! I can't wait for your first dance! :-)