September 10, 2008

We registered!

We have been thinking about what to register for...for a couple months now. We basically have everything we need. However, most of it is hand-me-downs. And it's really important to us to start our life together...with our own stuff. Stuff that suits us. So, we decided to go with the essentials. You're typical registry items. Plates, pots and pans, silverware..etc. We registered at Bed Bath and Beyond. We will also start a registry at Target (soon) for more FUN things!

When we arrived at BBB we were greeted right away with a Bridal Consultant. She was great! She asked us how many people were attending the we knew how many items to register for. And gave us a Fine China 'show'. No it was literally a show. She was banging the plates around like crazy. At one point it actually scared me, and thought maybe I should put my sunglasses on-just in case a shattered plate were to come my way! I did NOT know how shatter-resistant Fine China was! But I didn't want china. I will NEVER have a use for it. But I let her show me all about them. Gathering the details lasted about 15 minutes and then she handed us an gun and we were on our way!

(sorry no pics of me...I totally forgot!)

....5 hours later...we were tired and crabby..and ready to go home!!! But it was so much fun! We were like little kids in a candy store. We spent FOREVER in the kitchen area. We love to plates, and pots and pans we VERY important to us! Haha! Can't you tell I'm a good cook?! Look at the little belly Mike's got? (Aw, I think it's cute!)

If you go to and type in my name or Mike's name you can view our registry.

We plan to register at Target sometime in the near future.

More details then!