September 24, 2008

List of Favs {about my boy}

As stated in a previous boy and I have been collecting little notes to why we love each other.

Here is what our glass bowl looks like now.

(sorry for the blurry cam pic)

I have put together 10 favorite things about Mikey..and I want to share them with you!

  1. I love how he treats our cats like our kids. He is so loving to them...sometimes I wonder if he thinks they are human. It's SO cute!
  2. I love how I don't have to tell him there is something wrong. He just knows. And he does everything in his power to make me smile and feel better.
  3. I love that he has been involved in all the wedding planning. And surprisingly...we have been agreeing on everything! And it's SO cute to watch him get so excited!
  4. I love how he ALWAYS does the dishes :) And always helps me clean without complaining.
  5. I love how he is with the 2 little boys we babysit. He is so great with them. I love to just watch them play. It gives me little tingles in my tummy. And the boys ask about us all the time (but they mostly ask for HIM!..what can I say...I don't know how to build a train track!)
  6. I love how well we are dancing together in our dance classes. It was a bit tricky at first...but now we are on the same page....and it's amazing! I can't tell you how much fun it is!
  7. I love it when we are on a bike ride and he trails behind me to let me know when I can cross the street or not. He is so protective! It's good because it would suck if I got ran over!
  8. I love how he loves me for me. Even though I'm on this mission to loose weight...he loves me the way I am and says I don't need to loose weight. It's so refreshing to know sometimes. And it's nice that he TRIES to follow the diet with me. We work great as a team.
  9. I love how he sides with me...when family members (or friends...rarely) piss me off or hurt me. He is always there to back me up and make me feel better.
  10. I love how we both feel a part of each others families already..without being married yet. We both have such great families....We are so lucky to be joining them.

What are favorite things about your honey??

***Maybe I will get him to make a guest appearance to tell you what he loves about me!