September 15, 2008


I wasn't really tagged..But I read Bella's blog which tags you if you read it. So, if you are reading mine....YOU are tagged too!

3 Joys:

  1. Waking up in the morning to my fiance Mikey cuddling me. I never want to get outta bed. And I can't wait till our wedding day!
  2. Getting home from work and my 2 kitties welcoming me by the door.
  3. My Dad. I don't know what I would do without him. He is the greatest..I am so very lucky to have such a great Dad.
  1. Not being able to have children. I've had some medical issues in the last few years...and my worst fear is that the doctor will tell me I cannot have children. I want a baby more than anything in the world (well..besides marrying my boy)
  2. Dying. I am deathly afraid of dying. I have this fear that my purgatory will be me lying there in my casket without being able to move...and laying there for all of eternity.
  3. Loosing my Dad. I know it will happen one day...but I never want to loose him. I will go absolutely crazy.
  1. Loosing weight and getting healthy. The healthier I am...the better my pregnancy will be. (hint..hint)
  2. Becoming a great dancer.
  3. Be a wonderful Mom.

  1. Checking my email. I think it's become a little obsessive compulsive.
  2. Buying purses. I have over 100 in my house...they are overflowing in boxes and my closets.
  3. Drinking caffeine. I need coffee or redbull in the morning to function.
  1. I love to babysit. And I love kids. If I could be a Nanny..I would.
  2. I recently learned how to dance (the cha cha, the waltz, merengue, and swing)...and I'm GOOD at it!
  3. I love old time movies. And everything old/antique. I have this facisnation with old pictures, jewelery, and shoes. I think I was a 50's girl in another life.... (I even was a 50's girl with a poodle skirt 3 Halloweens in a row when I was a kid!)