September 3, 2008

Bridesmaid dresses ordered {Check!!}

All of my 'maids have fully paid for the dresses...(I thought this was going to be a dreadful task..but it worked out surprising well.) YAY!

I got a phone call from Demetrios today...And the expected ship date is Oct 17th. But will arrive no later than late November! Woo hoo! They originally told me they would arrive at the end of January along with my dress. But since the girls were timely..they were able to get them in much sooner! Hooray! This is such exciting news for me because I still haven't seen the dress (in Sage) in person yet. And I need to see it to make appropriate accessory purchases!

I have to thank all my girls for being so patient with me. All this wedding stuff is so new and overwhelming sometimes. And when the sales lady starts telling me about they take 6-8 months to order, they have to be order all at the same time to ensure they are all the same exact color, and they need to be paid for asap or the prices might go up. It was almost too much to handle! So.... thank you girls! I love you!

Now here is a cute little video...