July 16, 2008

I finally made a decision!

Can you believe it? I truly can't! I am SO indecisive! I am positive I drove my girls crazy with all the different dresses I made them look at! But I finally found the one!

I debated over posting things about the wedding...because I thought I should make everything a surprise. But I have fun posting these things. I use this blog as a live journal, and I want to look back a year from now and read about all my planning excursions (good or bad). So, I decided to post as much as I can without ruining ALL the surprises! (and it saves a lot of long phone calls!)

Here it is!
It should be flattering for all my girls. And if any of them become pregnant by my wedding (knock on wood!) it will still fit them all! Ha! I was unsure about the color because I had my heart set on olive. But I really like how neutral this color is. And it will really go with my 'vintage' theme. I'm using very neutral colors, ivory, sage and brown.

Both MY dress and their dresses come in 6-8 months from now. I still can't believe how long we have to wait!

What do you think? Do you like it?


Victoria said...

What a beautiful dress. I love the color.!! Lucky bridesmaids..