July 29, 2008

I hate dumb snobs...

I was in a little fender bender today. It has NOT been a good day! Today my good friend Natalia and I went to Portillo's for lunch. And as I was looking for my way out of my parking space, the guy to my left was letting me out so I can go on my merry way. I looked to my left and saw NO ONE....And Natalia also looked (out of habit) and she also saw NO ONE. But out of the blue this black Mercedes came out of no where and smacked right into me! This lady came at me like a crazy woman! Demanding I give her my insurance information, etc. I declined and said I would wait for the Police to arrive. When they did we gave them our statements and this lady continued to get in our face! The police office repeatedly had to tell her to get back into her vehicle! This lady was acting absolutely ridiculous! She was making a fool of herself and made herself look completely guilty (even though she repeatedly said it was MY fault). If she hadn't been on her cell phone and not going through the lanes of a parking lot at 30 miles an hour she would have NEVER hit me!

Natalia and I aren't hurt but we are pretty sore right now. We have stiff necks and a really bad headache. If it doesn't go away by tomorrow, we are going to take a trip to the doctor!!

She also notified my insurance before I even had a chance to! And is demanding that they pay for ALL of her damage and her deductible?! When I talked to my insurance they also think she is being unreasonable and want me to send them the pictures I took.......Take a look!

Now you tell me who was at fault! I didn't even make it a complete foot out of my parking spot! Note the cars next to me, how almost perfectly aligned we are. This lady was just in a rush and doesn't want to take the blame!

Stupid Old lady with a Mercedes!!!!!!!!!!!!!