July 23, 2008

Ring holder?

I'm on a hunt to find a ring holder. Preferably a vintage one. I've been browsing the web and I have found some pretty nice ones for an affordable price.

I really want one of these fancy things because I take my rings off all the time. When I clean, take a shower, sleep, etc... I wouldn't EVER want to loose one of my rings...especially the one I most recently received . But I also thought this would be a nice gift for someone special too!

What does everyone think?? Comments welcome!

Also, does anyone know of a good store to look for these??


Bella said...

I love this thing! Smart thinking! It's so pretty! I have never even thought of that!!! You are too good! :-) I would honestly have no clue as to where to look for these? In which case I would Google it...I Google everything!