July 30, 2008

Vintage-crazy, Blog obsessing and wedding overload!

I have become completely obsessed with THIS blog. Not only because it's SO fun to read, but she has sooo many great ideas for vintage style weddings. I have found books I want to buy, make-up styles I want to try, vitamins I want to start taking....You gotta check her blog out. I'm completely addicted! I've started from the beginning (2007) and have made it to April 2008 in 1 day!

I found this awesome 1956 Spring Wedding clip. It reminds me of my Grandmother's wedding. And looking at the Wedding album and wedding videos is what inspired me to (always) want a vintage style wedding. So I have been on the hunt for ideas.

I'm starting to brainstorm ideas for our 'amateur' vintage style wedding....but also trying to stay simple. I don't have much..but here you go:

Wedding Attire: Blusher veil, possibly ivory jacket tuxes, thigh high stockings, very vintage dress (which will be arriving in 6 months!)
Reception Decor: Lots of candles. (In search of more ideas--please help!)
Music: A variety. But lots of old music. I want my guests to dance their booty's off!
Colors: Sage, Espresso brown and Ivory

As you see...I don't have a lot of ideas yet. But I am working on it! I have a lot of time left so I am trying to utilize every free moment I have!

Please feel free to comment with ideas!


Bella said...

You will find everything and more that you want/need! I just know it! Your wedding will be beautiful!!!