July 14, 2008

My Birthday wish

I've been so overwhelmed the last 2 days, worrying about WHO will marry me and Mike. Fr. Bart is still thinking about it. We won't know his answer for another 2 weeks. And I've put a lot of thought into this. Who cares is he doesn't do it?! I don't anymore. It will be his loss, not ours.

So...I decided to call Fr. Gary who is the pastor of the church we are getting married at. We have an appointment with him August 14. 3 days before my birthday. My birthday wish (even if it's bad luck to say..) is that Fr. Gary agrees to marry us. It's the only thing I want this year for my birthday. I don't care about fancy cakes or presents. I just want a priest to promise to marry us.

Please pray for us. Or at least cross your fingers, if you're not into praying.

This whole experience has made me realize it doesn't matter what our stupid centerpieces look like, or what flowers I choose. All that matters is Mike and I say I do on May 2, 2009.


Devon said...

thats right girl! all that matters in the end is the "I DO" all the other stuff is just a show and party for everyone attending. TRY not to stress out, i still love ya!