July 12, 2008

My Wedding Dress!

It has been bought and ordered! I can't even believe it! I was really worried I wouldn't find a dress I absolutely loved or even feel comfortable in. And I did! I am so grateful! And SO excited! It should come in between January and March 2009. It stinks I have to wait that long, but at least I don't have to worry about storing it.

I truly will never forget this day. It was everything I have dreamed of.

I invited Grams, My aunts Therese and Patty, my cousin/bridesmaid Annie and one of best friends/ bridesmaid April. There were 2 that I needed to try on one more time to get a second opinion. The 1st one I had on for about 2 minutes. They were all oohhing and awwing But I was thinking when can I take this damn thing off!

The 2nd one. Was a whole different story. I couldn't wait to shimmy myself into it. And when I saw myself in it for the 2nd time I couldn't stop staring at myself. It was a crazy feeling. When I came out to show everyone...everyone was quiet. I almost started to panic that no one liked it. Until my cousin Annie let out this SCREAM and ran up to me saying THIS IS THE ONE! And THEN everyone was like Yes, Jenny it's SO beautiful. The look in their eyes and the smiles on their faces were amazing. I had this dress on for about 3 hours. It felt like 5 minutes. I went walking to natural light to 'reception' lighting. Each time April lifted my train..I truly felt like a princess. It sounds so crazy...I know. But until you try on a wedding dress you absolutely love, you won't know the feeling. I promise you.

When it came to trying on the veil..I wasn't really havin' it. I really don't like the veil on top on my head. And I figured out that I like my hair half up/half down, with the veil behind the hair that is half up. My aunt Therese suggested I try no veil and just the headpiece. My Grandma SNAPPED off. Talking about how WE ARE CATHOLIC..etc. I had to take Margie (my sales lady) aside and apologize. It was so embarrassing! But not every day can be perfect!

If you want details about the dress email me. I don't want Mike to know any details! He needs to be surprised!

My recruitment of girls that came with me were fabulous. Everyone was so helpful. I am so glad I had these gals come with me. I wouldn't of wanted it any other way.

We found a designer with the right color for the bridesmaid dress, too! I will save that for another post.