July 21, 2008

City Girl

Mike and I went to Chicago on Saturday. Every time we enter the city I get this overwhelming happy feeling....especially at the first glimpse of the Chicago skyline. I love the city, I wish we could live there!

We went to the Shed Aquarium and got in free! There was a family of 4 leaving and they handed us their membership tickets that they didn't use! I couldn't believe it! The line was 2 city blocks long.....we got SO lucky! We stop and looked at every exhibit...we love watching the Discovery channel..so watching the fishies and lizards up close and personal was awesome! Here are some pictures of some of our favorite creatures...

After the Shed we cruised around Chicago..and saw some cool stuff I've never really noticed before. I was taking pictures like a crazy tourist...but I couldn't help myself!

This is what is on top of the Chicago Public Library.

I Love this painting!

We decided to go to Ed Debevic's for dinner. Yum-o! I love the old fashion feel to this place...and its a riot to here them talk to mean to you...I couldn't stop laughing!!

This is us on our way home! We had a great day!