July 2, 2008

Introducing Our Wedding Party!

These are the people MOST important in our wedding and in our lives...

Matron Of Honor: Bella H. - she is one of my best friends. She has helped me do so much already...and has dealt with my crazy panic episodes...I trust her with absolutely everything. I would be lost without her. I cannot wait for her to stand next to me on my very special day!

Bridemaid/Honor Attendant: Devon P. - We have been best friends for almost 12 years. It wouldn't be the same if she wasn't standing up with me.

Bridesmaid: Michelle S. - My sister. No explanation needed.

Bridesmaid: Annie W. -little cousin. I use to change her diapers and play barbies with this one!

Bridesmaid: Veronica J. -little cousin. Her and I are so much alike its unreal. I also use to change her diapers....and she also liked to run away from me! Bare butted!

Bridesmaid: April H. -great friend. Mike and her have been friends for over 15 years. And we have become really close in the last couple years. I swear we live parallel lives, we are so much alike. And she is such a great help with everything. Again, it wouldn't be the same without her.

Flower girl: Mahala P.-Devon's daughter and my soon to be God-daughter.

Best Man: Rob H. -Mike's Best friend for 15+ years. This kid has been there for him through everything.

Groomsman: Chris A. -another best friend.

Groomsman: Gary H. -Rob's brother and another partner in crime!

Groomsman: Anthony B.-Mike's oldest brother

Groomsman: Jeff B. -Mike's older brother

Groomsman: Mike S. -my Brother...they have become really close over the last 4 years!

Ring bearer: Nathan A. -Chris's son.

Ushers: Luke W., Jimi W., Nate J. (my cousins) and Joel E. (my best guy friend..he is a brother to me)

And last but not least our Priest.

Uncle Father Bart....

(Yes, he likes to pass out on the kitchen table. Good thing it's not the altar!)


Bella said...

Well this is just so cute! I love it! But...um...Father Bart looks passed out at the table?! haha! I love it Jenny, I really do! Thanks for the kind words!