July 2, 2008

New bed!

Mike and I bought a new bed today! This is something that we have long awaited for! We have been sleeping on a Full size mattress. And even though it's a HIGH quality mattress it is NOT big enough for the both of us. I have been having horrible migraines from sleeping funny. And I have not been sleeping good at all. I'm always tired. SOLUTION: Buy a new bed! So, we did! It will be delivered Friday morning. Happy 4th of July to us! I CANNOT wait to sleep Friday night!

Best part is..we got 0% financing! WOO HOO!


Bella said...

We slept in a twin bed FOREVER at R's old apartment...I kind of miss it b/c we got to snuggle and it was actually kind of comfy if you didn't mind staying in one position! :-)