August 1, 2008

My 1st Wedding nightmare

Oh my gosh! This morning I woke up in a hot mess! I was all sweaty and in tears!

All I remember is Mike and I were really busy the month before the wedding. Going to various places..the florist, the Squire..etc. We happened to drive out to Green Bay, WI. to visit my Aunt Karen (who we RARELY see) at some Tux store. We just browsed it was nothing. But then on the way back I realized it was May 1....a day before the wedding. I had left the Tux information with Mike to give to the guys...but he NEVER gave them the info. All of a sudden the highway turned into big hills..and every time we went over one we flew into the air. (Crazy? Yes, I know!) We were struggling to keep the car straight and make phone calls to all the guys asking them to go to ANY tux place to get fitted and rent a tux..ANY tux! But no one was answering their phones, they were all busy...or the ones who did answer had no car or no money. I remember getting to a stop light and just crying...thinking that our wedding was gonna be a HUGE catastrophe.

Then I woke up. In a panic. The dream was so intense and so real.

A few weeks ago Mike has a Wedding nightmare too, and I joked that it's the bride who is suppose to have these nightmares...not the groom. Ha! This is what I get for teasing him!

Note to self: Select tuxes 4 months BEFORE the wedding.


Bella said...

I know how it feels to have those...mine have subsided for now though. Watch, I'll have one tonight! Oh boy! It'll be all good though...we won't let anything bad happen at/to your wedding day!