August 19, 2008

My Inspiration

As a little girl I would browse my Grandparent's wedding album over and over again. Drooling over all the pretty lace and tiny 'simple' details. Growing up I always knew I'd want a vintage dress...and a vintage style wedding. Old 1956 Chevy picking us up at the church...all my girls wearing cute little boleros. Long traditional veil...The works. I even thought I'd have a winter wedding with a white fur wrap and hand muffs. Now I think.. OVER KILL! But it would have been lovely. However, I'm not a millionaire. And already think I've spent enough of my Dad's money. What I have so far is PERFECT. And our wedding will be perfect...even with some minor 'mishaps'!

Now I want to share some old wedding photos from my Grandma and my Busia (Great-Grandma in Polish).

Here is Busia and Gagie (Great-Grandpa). She was only 16. Isn't she so lovely? I am unsure of the date. But I think it was the 1930's..

Here is my Grandparents wedding photo. May 12, 1956.

Here are some random photos that I adore..........
Getting Ready...

Classic garter shot..

Bride with her Daddy and flower girl + ring bearer

I love how she is smiling at him..
(note: this is the church I'm getting married at)

The new Mr. and Mrs..

First Dance ("Let me call you sweetheart dance")


Aren't the professional pictures done in the 1950's amazing for their time?

Here is their 50th Anniversary.
May 12, 2006
First Dance (with all married couples)

The Bridal party. 2006.
(Right to left- Flower Girl, Groom, Bride, MOH, 3 BM and the Best Man)
How awesome is that!?!!

I hope we are married for 50 years!!!!!!


Bella said...

Those pictures are awesome...I love the 'vintage' look...well, duh, 'cause they're older...but they are so pretty!