August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

This weekend has been a nice big Birthday celebration! I turned 26 today! I can't believe I'm 26..holy cow! It seems old..but I don't feel old at all! It's also my last birthday as a 'single' woman! Ha!

Friday night we went to my Mom's for dinner and cake..Yum-O! I got 2 bottles of my favorite liquor and some smell good stuff! I told them no presents! Obviously they don't listen! But I am so grateful! We went out to 1 of my favorite bars downtown and I got sick off of too many Jamaican Long Island Ice Teas! ugh! But it was a blast!

Saturday I was pretty hungover. But I toughed it out! My future in-laws took me and Mike out to a birthday dinner at Olive Garden! Yummmy!!!!!

And today (my actual birthday) I get to spend the day with my favorite boy! Mikey!

So far, he took me out to breakfast at the Dog House. You must try that place! It's SO good! I've gotten a manicure. And I am going to start on my new scrapbook (with all my fun accessories!) Mikey bought me. Oh he also bought me a purse (in white) and wallet from Aldo. And the new book by Emily Giffin 'Love The One Your With'..she is one of my favorite authors! We are on our way to another Birthday dinner to Outback (also 1 of my favs).

It's been an awesome Birthday spending time with all the people I love!

I can't wait to marry this boy!