August 3, 2008

Cpl. Nate is home!

After our meeting with Fr. Bart he drove us to Midway to see Nate off the plane! He was flying in from San Diego, CA. He just finished his deployment. He was in Japan, Hawaii, Thailand and more countries I just can't remember right now..ha! We all haven't seen Nate is over a year! It is so nice to have him back home. He will be here for 23 days.

Nate and I have been really close since he was born. We are only 4 years apart and growing up we were inseparable. If I could I would make him my Best Man. But since Mike and I have been together he has been in the Marines and they haven't had a chance to really get close....Except the time right after boot camp..Mike and I got him so drunk..he got REALLY REALLY sick..OoOPS!

We are hoping to party with him while he is town...and see him as much as possible. He has 1 year left with the Marines, and he promises us he is not going to reenlist. That is such a relief!

Welcome home Cpl. Nate!!! We missed you!