August 30, 2008

I {heart} these bouquets

Now that all my vendors have been chosen and booked. I can relax and get on the more FUN bouquets! I've always wanted a white bouquet. And at first I thought I wanted calla lilies. However, I want a more classic (or vintage) bouquet.

No roses (too popular) and it must be 'round'. It sounds easy...but it's actually hard to find. There are so many pretty flowers.

Like the's so pretty and different..

Then there are these beauties...
{Clockwise: ranunculus bouquet from The Knot, anemone bouquet from Artfool, peony bouquet by Artfool via The Knot, hydrangea & rose bouquet from The Knot}

I think I like the Peony bouquet the best. But it's so hard too choose! (I'm so indecisive!)

What do you think??