February 16, 2009

My trial hair

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I've been super busy....with babysitting, doing hair, dates with my mom...and having my hair done.

Yup, I had my trial hair done over the weekend!

I use to work with my friend Liz at our old salon, and I always told her I wanted her to do my wedding hair. And she use to tease that I'd be getting married first (she is 5 years older than me)....and sure enough- I AM!! And luckily we kept in touch all these years... and boy am I glad.

I LOVED my hair!!!

She used a combination of a waving iron and fat curling iron t0 give it more of a natural look to it. I wanted something natural and not so perfect looking-yet still looking like myself..

She also gave me a bang trim...I love how she cuts my bangs. But we cut them shorter-so they will be long enough to swoop over on the actual w-day. So, keep in mind the bangs will look different... And she will back comb it more-to give me more height. But you get the overall idea...

I'm sure you don't want to see every possible angle...but you're getting them anyway!

Please excuse how ugly I was this day-I didn't have much makeup on....


Krista said...

I like your bangs like that! (I like thesidesweep, too, though.)

Cyd said...

Cute! I like how it looks with the veil. A lot.

Aunt Rita said...

Jenny, You are going to be a beautiful bride! I am so excited and happy for you!