December 6, 2007

Christmas Traditions

Christmas. It's my favorite time of the year. Every year no matter how old I am I get excited for Christmas. It's seeing the happy faces on everyone around, kids opening their presents gleaming of excitement, decorations, Christmas music...

It has been tradition in my family to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. We all gather at Grandma's house early afternoon, and simply hang out until dinner is ready. When I was younger my cousin Nate and I would sneak around the tree and find all our presents. (Wow, I miss him a lot...) We would always watch the old Christmas cartoons like Hard Rock and Coco and Joe, Frosty the Snowman, Suzie the Snowflake, Rudolf...

Just before dinner we have these Christmas wafers called Oplatki, we go around the table a break a piece off of each other and say Merry Christmas. It's an old Polish tradition. Then we feast on Christmas dinner. I make the scalloped potatoes, my Aunt Therese makes the Rum cake and pies, Gramma makes ham and polish sausage, Aunt Patty makes the salad... Everyone seems to have a piece in the puzzle. But I will admit, my scalloped taters are the best!

After dinner, my Uncle Bart tells a Christmas story..they are different every year. It was just another way to make us kids wait to open presents! He would always drag it out sooo long! But its one of those things that I learned to like and appreciate and now look forward to.

Then we would open presents. Everyone has a turn being "Santa": the person who hands out presents. We then rip presents open like wild beasts!!!!

Back when we were kids we would all share and play with our presents. But things are getting boring. All the boys are playing video games. Us girls are getting shoes, sheets, clothes. So, we started playing board games and watching movies. And we all drink wine now...its wonderful.

The only thing that has bothered me to this day, is that I've never spent one Christmas with my Mom and her side of the family. It has always been a week or a month later... I want that to change. So, this year I am going to try my absolute hardest to make time and see them on Christmas day!

Christmas is very special to me. I cannot wait to share this holiday and traditions with my little ones someday.

Merry Christmas!!!!