February 28, 2008

Upcoming tattoo

So I have an appointment next Thursday to get my next tattoo. Here is a picture......You like??? The stem will start on my upper part of my (right) foot and travel up towards my ankle to my instep (to the left of my ankle). Yes....I know it will hurt like HELL. But it will be well worth it. It is one of Mike's drawings that I have admired for a long time. It symbolizes my life in a lot of ways.

It's all going to be in color. The stem will be a few shades of green. The tear will be blue. The eye will be green to match my eyes...But I can't figure out what colors to make the flower. There will be a mixture of 2 different colors. A darker color where the darker parts of the flower are, and a lighter color where the lighter parts of the flower are....get where I'm going with this?? Here are MY thoughts....a firey orange (as the draker color) and a bright yellow (as the lighter color). Or a magenta pink and a bright yellow. Or a deeper blue/green with a hint of yellow for the lighter parts. Or bright orange with yellow. Or teal and yellow.... I keep going towards yellow, but I hear the lighter the color, the faster it fades. I do NOT like pink or purple. Those are my 2 hated colors. Can you give me some opinions?? I definitely need some feedback.....as I only have a week left. Please help!!! ;)


Miss B said...

hey there missy! well...i was first thinking red, but then when i saw you put magenta pink, which made me think of liz's colors on her tattoo. i just love how those are, so i vote with the yellow and one of the other bright colors like pink or purple or something...i can't think of all the colors she has now, but they are so vibrant!!! me likey!