March 7, 2008

I got my tattoo!!!

Some items may x-rated those who are easily offended.

Here it is! It is still really feet aren't really that fat!!

Do you likey????? The stem hurt the worst. The flower didn't hurt at all. I seem to like the feel of tattoos, my tattoo artist Sandy Pope from Lucky 7 Tattoo Studio said I'm a masochist! lol! I absolutely LOVE it! I cannot wait until it heals! I am limping a little due to the swelling and tenderness, but ok its a tattoo...its going to be tender! I hear the foot/ankle area is the worst spot to get a tattoo, and now I understand why. I endured 3 and 1/2 hours of pain during my back tattoo, and I hardly remember it hurting as bad as the top of my foot.
Both of these were drawn by the best artist in town...Mikey B. I will never let anyone ink me unless he has drawn it. If you want to check out more art work by Mike click HERE Or you can email him at

My first tattoo is in dyer need to be redone. It was done at some random tattoo party when I was 19, and I think the guy was a little too buzzed! But I love it nonetheless!



Bella said...

I Love your new pink's so perty! I also love the new tattoo!!! I'm giving your page props on my blog!

Bella said...

Oooh look at me double commenting! Ha! I just wanted to tell you that I like you new background! It's super cute! FYI...if you didn't notice, every time you change the layout all of your pics/widgets/etc on the side panel disappear and you have to reput them in there...I know it's a major bummer!!!