March 19, 2008

My cat-dog

Have you ever seen a cat with the same characteristics of a dog? Well if you haven't meet Dimitri!

He knocks the trash over while I'm gone.....getting into food, such as chicken bones, chocolate, pop...etc. He will eat ANYTHING. The other day...I was eating sugarfree jello with sugar free whip cream and Dimitri jumped on my lap and demanded he have some! And when I say demanded..I mean his paw goes into my bowl!!!! I saved him a healthy spoonful and he ate it all, plus licked the bowl!! What a crazy cat! He also, greets us at the door and says Hello...every time we get home. He will meow and meow and meow until he gets his food...or love. He is so friendly he has to be on your lap or close to all the time. And he sleeps on my head at night! Yes, on my head!! We literally share a pillow. He may be a pain...but I love him so much!!!!!!!! He's my little baby! His older brother Stoli has gotten more timid in the last few months but I think they are finally friends!