March 25, 2008

Day 3

I am on Day 3 of the South Beach Diet. And I feel great! I've lost about 3 pounds so far, its not good to look at your weight daily...but I just was curious. I have been cooking like a crazy women though! I've learned a few knew things...Last night I made breakfast for today and tomorrow. Egg and Sausage "Muffins". I found my recipe on SBO, but HERE is a similar recipe. They were so delicious this morning! I have my meals and snacks planned for the entire week. It works so well for me, because I work well with organization and do most people. Instead of trying to think about whats for lunch or what do I want for a snack (and always giving into something that is bad for you), if you have a planned will have more luck reaching your goal. I am already 50% less bloated (and I have my period!). And I have a ton of energy. I took a 2 mile bike ride last was so much fun. It was definitely cold (only 31 degrees). But I felt fabulous when I got home! I made Chicken Capri for dinner. I will most the recipe (and a picture) in my next all my stuff is at home.
Tonight's dinner I will be serving Steaks and grilled zucchini......Mmm Yummy!


Bella said...

Hey there! Check your email! And I forgot to put it in there...but I would LOVE some recipes and ideas for the sbd! Mwah!