May 3, 2008

New flowers!

Today Mike and I ventured out to the local flower nursery and found some great flowers to plant in the front of our house. (We want the ugly water meter covered up!) We chose the Celosia "Castle Mix" and a rose bush called Wild Blue Yonder. We had some issues planting the Celosia...I decided to wet the soil prior to planting. Warning: Do NOT do this. It made it so muddy and gooey! And guess who was the one planting and had gooey hands....ME! Mike handed me each flower...isn't he so nice!!! Ha! We had a great time planting.....Mike made the huge hole for the rose bush. I can't wait till it blooms and gets will be so pretty!

(The Celosia castle mix)

(Wild Blue Yonder rose bush)

This is what it will look like..

Here are some other flowers I planted last year....not all of them have bloomed yet..but you get the idea!

I absolutely LOVE tulips. I have them all around my house...all different colors.


Bella said...

Um...I keep checking and waiting for a new post!!! You're keeping me waiting here... ha ha ha! :-)