May 24, 2008

Our 4 year anniversary..

Friday night we went out to Wildfire to celebrate our 4 years together. We have made it a tradition...we go every year to celebrate our anniversary. We LOVE this restaurant. It's my all time fav! The food is fantabulous! But the atmosphere is phenomenal. It's has 1940's decor...and I LOVE vintage/old fashion things! We had the stuffed portabello mushrooms for our appetizer and we both chose steak as our dinner and we had a chocolate souffle for dessert. I had to Pomegranate Martinis....they were delicious! The night was perfect. I didn't think it could get any MORE perfect.....

When we got home I remembered Mike telling me he had a surprise for me...So, I kept asking him for my surprise. But he wouldn't give in. We were about ready to go to a local bar and thats when my came up behind me...and gave me a backwards hug (those are my all time FAVORITE!) and he put this little black box in front of me...opened it and asked "Is this the surprise you were waiting for?" I let out a little scream...turned around (smiling from ear to ear!) and he asked "Will my baby marry me?" I screamed and said YES! And gave him a hug hug and kiss! And I jumped up and down! HA!!! WE'RE ENGAGED!!!

We called all the appropriate people and set sail to the bar to celebrate! My Mom invited us out to Kenosha to we came and had free drinks (Thanks George's!) and went to my Mom's house. We danced to oldies music until 4am! It was so much fun!! And I swear, I canNOT stop staring at my ring!! It's so beautiful!!!! We are going over to my Grandparents house today to tell them the big news. I'm so excited! My Dad seems very happy and excited too...I will admit I was a nit nervous to tell him! Our tentative date is March 7th. However, everyone is saying its too gray during that time...but I have always wanted a winter we shall see! I am so happy I have the next 4 days off to celebrate!



Bella said...

I am so happy for you guys and I can't wait to celebrate tomorrow!