April 8, 2009


Considering how crazy things have been lately...I was able to get a lot of things done...

Here is what I have left to do...

  • Get a thank you cards for Fr. Bart, our Florist and our organist
  • Teach my uncle Mark how to use video camera-provide list of moments to capture
  • Book final haircut/color
  • Final fitting-April 16 @ 7:15pm
  • Attend Bachelorette party-April 18--woooo hoooo!
  • Verify Honeymoon Itinerary (calls hotels/etc and confirm reservations)
  • Book horseback riding trip
  • Make time line/itineraries for the Big Day-almost done!
  • Final head count/payments to reception hall
  • Layout/seating chart to reception hall
  • Florist - finalizeMake place cards
  • Make place cards
  • Book mani/pedi appointment
  • Confirm any final payments due
  • Put together overnight bag for the night before and Wedding Night
  • Start packing/making a list of stuff to pack for your Honeymoon
  • Leave a copy of Honeymoon Itinerary with someone back home
Not too bad, eh??


AmyJean said...

AWESOME! that's a pretty short list... you seem well on top of things! :)

Krista said...

Yay ... it's coming up fast - less than a month awa!

Suzy said...

Yay weddings!
Don't forget to breathe in and out.
Enjoy the day. You never get it back.