March 20, 2008

My addiction.

Purses. I am addicted to purses. Last night I was cleaning out my closet and the top shelve (by the way...its a BIG shelf) is covered with purses. In fact, there are even some on the bottom of my closet. Yet I still have this urge to go out and buy a new purse this weekend. I'm bored.
Is this such a terrible thing? I guess its a waste money....but I LOVE purses! They vary from big to small....all different colors. The price ranges go from $10-$150. I guess I could have some kind of drug addiction....that would definitely be worse. I will stick to purses!!! My question is what is YOUR addiction??? Is it eyeshadow? Maybe nail polish.....or shoes??

On a different note.....Happy First Day of Spring!!!!!!!!!! Its suppose to get up to 50 degrees today! Yahhooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! But tonight or tomorrow we are suppose to get 6 inches of snow!! What the hell?!!! I guess thats what living in the Midwest is all about. I guess I am use to the crazy weather...However..I have the worst case of Spring Fever! I want to wear capris, bright shirts and FLIPS FLOPS (that is my second addiction!). I also want to start riding my bike!!!! So, please sunshine don't go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!