March 10, 2009

They are like little tiny presents

This morning one of my friends from work handed me her RSVP...the very 1st one!! It made me smile for the rest of the day...

I was so antsy today. I could not wait to rush home and look in our mailbox. I was dying to see who else RSVP'ed. The suspense was killing me! When Mike and I got home we raced each other to the mailbox...and pulled out 4 little tiny presents!

Mike opened 2 and I opened 2. I swear it felt like Christmas all over again!! It will be so fun to come home to these tiny lovely things...every day until April 1st.

Then I was off to pick up my dress from my aunt's house. She has been keeping it safe for me. Because tomorrow is my 1st fitting appointment! Everything is moving so fast...I'm so excited yet slightly overwhelmed because I still have a lot to do.

Here is my list:
Ceremony programs
Complete photographer list
Day of Timelines
Ribbon my (250) favors
Ribbon my (250) bubbles
Assemble grandparent/parent wedding photos
Wrap all the presents
Wash all 90 vases for our centerpieces
Shop for baskets/fabric pens for the guestbook quilt squares
Seating chart

I might be missing a few things but to me that is a lot only because we have so many guests. But in the end it will be worth it.

I CANNOT wait for it to be here so we can PARTY our booties off!!

52 more days..


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