March 8, 2009

Makeup: Round 2

I went to MAC for my 2nd makeup trial. I've never bought any MAC products but have always wanted to. And I'm SO glad I did!

She did a wonderful job! I loved it soooo much....I bought $243 of makeup! I've never done that in my life. But I think it was well worth it.

Check it out..

I didn't buy the lipstick because I didn't really like it.

This picture was taken about 12 hours later....It stayed on without any touch ups!

She even mapped it out for me (with real makeup) so I know exactly what she did.

I've asked Bella (moh) do it for me the day of. She is sooo sweet!

What do you girlies think?? Do you like it?


Krista said...

I like the make-up. Perhaps a little darker than you'd do it yourself, I think - only because I don't think you wear much make-up (and make-up artists are always very dramatic).

I do love it - the eyes, the cheeks, and I even love the lips ... but I'm sure you can find a lipstick or gloss you love that also looks good!

Cyd said...

You look amazing! I love that she gave you the color-coded map!