March 26, 2008


I have a part time job of dog-sitting a family of 4 dogs. Sam, the Great Dane. Simba, the Golden Retriever. Sophie, the Bulldog. And Lola, the Chihuahua. So, I started dog-sitting last night. The "parents" left at 6:30pm and I had to be there by 9pm to let them out. (My last dog-sitting experience resulted in cleaning Great Dane diarrhea...) At about 8:30pm I was packing my clothes, making my lunch....and I open the refrigerator...There is no light and its not running! WTF! I call my Dad thinking maybe at 9 o'clock at night he will want to fix it...HA! We had to empty everything out of our fridge and take it to my Grandma' her extra refrigerator. We had just went grocery shopping so there was a FULL fridge (especially when your doing the South Beach Diet). Believe me, I was pissed off! I also slammed my finger in the front on the way out....It is now black and blue.

So, an hour later...I was off to go dog-sit in Lake Forest. When I finally get there, Sophie (the Bulldog) refuses to go outside....I try and try to move her but she is totally overweight. So, I left her be while I watch some TV.............and she has the nerve to poop right in front of me, on the brand new carpet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At this point, I was thinking what else could possibly go wrong!!!!! Luckily, nothing else did (except Sam was growling at the window all night..)... it was the night from HELL!

The only reason I accepted this "job" was to pay for a new Queen size bed. But I'm not sitting for long enough to have enough money anyway! I think that after this time I will tell them I don't need the money anymore and to start looking for someone else. It is $75/a day.....anyone interested????


Bella said... sounds like you had a horrible night! I would totally dog sit for that much money per day...but I wouldn't want to stay there and I would feel bad if I didn' sorry :-) What happened to your fridge? Did ALL your power go out or did you fridge just crap out? I'm sorry...that is stinky!!!

Bella said...

i know, i's me again! we want a post! we want a post! ha ha! just bored looking for some good reading! ha!