April 2, 2008

New glasses!!

So, last Friday (ya I'm a little late) I got my new glasses! And I LOVE them! I was really worried at first.....I usually HATE every pair of glasses I own. And Mike picked these out...so I was weary. But I absolutely adore these! I took this picture right after I got them, its not the greatest picture but you get the idea...
I sent this picture to my good friend April...and she said I looked like Lisa Loeb. (Remember that song "Stay"...it goes.."You say I only hear what I want to...") Well, I remembered the song but I couldn't remember what she looked like. I then asked Mike what he thought and his words were "You look just like her!". So here is a picture of her...What do you think?
She is a very pretty girl.......I wouldn't say we are twins or anything..but I think I see a resemblance. Either way...I LOVE my new glasses! I think I will definitely wear them a lot....which will give my eyes a break from my contacts (which I where 24/7..literally).


Bella said...

Me likey!!! And I would have to agree... you DO definitely look SO much like her!!!