April 19, 2008

Under Construction

My basement has been 'under construction' for about a year now.......My Dad and my Uncle Mark (and Mikey!) have been taking their time, but have made great progress so far. Take a look...

The stairs use to be wide open...now they are enclosed with walls. It really keeps the upstairs warmer. So, now I actually have a laundry room. And a 'basement/storage' room.

(it's hard to see over my Dad's MESSY work table)

This big open area will be the furnished part of the basement. We plan to make a family area.....I hope to get a flat screen TV. We kinda want it our adult 'play' room. With a dart board, and my (kickass) stereo.....possibly a pool table.

The doors are real Oak wood and my Dad and I went with antique door knobs. I just love them! We went with a lighter stain, and I think they look really nice...What do you think?

(The door to the 'basement/storage area)

(The door to the laundry room)

There is still A LOT of work to be done. Only half the walls are up....but then the dry wall needs to go up. And we need to start thinking about the floor. I think we should go with ceramic tile with big area rugs. And of course the stairs........We will most likely carpet the stairs. Can't forget paint! I have no idea what 'color scheme' I will be going with....I guess it all depends on the tile. But it is so hard to even imagine it...finished! However...I'm getting antsy!!! I just want it over with!!!!! My Dad is such a good sport about it though...he comes over early Saturday mornings and tries to be really quiet until he hears me wake up...(how sweet!). My Uncle Mark works for Six Flags as one of the head honchos....so he isn't available in the summers to help my Dad. But my Dad fumbles away on his own or has Mikey help him....I think he (secretly) enjoys teaching Mike how to do things.......its like he is coaching him...for one day...I will be completely by myself, and will need Mikey to do a lot of the things my Dad is teaching him. All in all its so sweet to watch the 2 of them.

Oh and here is our Welcome mat....for when you walk in from our back door...which leads to the basement.
(ironically Stoli and Dimiti wipe their paws on it....actually they use it as a scratch post....this is why it all beat up!)

I will keep you updated as we get further to being finished.....!!!


Bella said...

It looks like it's coming along! I can't wait for it to all be done. It just seems like it would be a cozy hang out spot!!!