April 9, 2008

Home sick

I made a lethal combination last night........Chipotle refried beans, taco salad and Correctol. Use your imagination...I won't go any further.

Soo...I'm here at home..Kinda bored. I decided to have a little lunch and I found this.

I don't like Chinese food, but I picked it up at the grocery store anyway..And surprisingly it's REALLY good!!!!!!! I know the frozen meals are hit or miss, so I thought I would share one that was actually yummy. I took a picture for you....

The thing with these frozen meals is you need something else (at least that is what SBD online says..) So, I also had some cottage cheese. I'm completely full!

Since I am stuck at home today I think I might organize some drawers that have became messy over the past year and maybe do some Pilates if I feel up to it. Or may post another blog...(hehehe)

Hope your having a good Wednesday!


Bella said...

YIKES!!! That sounds like a lethal combo! Well I hope you have a good day off! This unfortunate soul is stuck here in my cubicle... :-(