April 6, 2008

Hip Hop Abs

I was watching the Hip Hop abs commercial and got sucked in! Yup, I bought it ($82...!!) I didn't just buy it because of all the poeple that say they lost 50+ pounds....it actually looks like a lot of fun! I love working out at home...in my living room. Mike keeps teasing me, telling me I'm gonna start dancing like retard.....but little does he know, I'm gonna make him try it too! He can actually dance (I met him at Smart Bar...while he was breakin..) I was also thinking its soon to be summer and as much as I love bike riding....its going to get REALLY hot and it sometimes it gets unbearably hard to breathe. So, I thought giving myself another option would be a good idea. So, in total I have a few pilates dvds, a stationary bike...a real bike and now in just 5-7 days I will be receiving Hip Hop Abs!!! I have no excuse not to exercise. When I lost 120 pounds a few years ago, I worked out everyday. It was easy since I had Joel, my workout partner (he moved to Michigan a year ago..). But now I've seemed to be slacking a little bit. I've only worked out maybe 3 or 4 times each week since I started the SBD. Not only do I want to loose weight, but I also want to be healthy. In 13 days I've lost 13 pounds. Yes, I've done really good so far...but I've been the same weight for 4 days. It gets frustrating sometimes. I know your not suppose to look at the scale every day..but sometimes I just can't help it. Yesterday we got so much exercise in. We went on a early morning bike ride and rode about 2 1/2 miles. And then I cleaned out my car...which I think is exercise (squatting..etc.). Then we went on a 2nd bike ride and rode about a mile, Mike was getting tired. I could have kept going, and would have but I felt bad for him. And THEN we went bowling!! I guess its not much of exercising but at least we weren't sitting on our butts watching TV. Today I plan on going on a 1 mile walk and then a 2 mile bike ride. 2 miles don't seem that far, but where we bike its all UP hill...so it ends up being a great workout.

On another note...its been beautiful ALL weekend. Its been 60 degrees!! Its been awesome! I can see me tulips coming up from the ground.....the sun is shining...people are bumping their stereos down the street...It feels like summer! It bums me out that this coming week it's going to drop down to 40 degrees and rainy. But its a lot better than 30 degrees and snowing, right?! Hopefully, this will be the last week of coldness...........Because I have a huge case of Spring fever!

Enjoy the weather today....I'm off for a walk!